Friday 5 February 2010

The Tethers reviewed in today's TLS

"Figurative, metaphysical, rich in classical allusion, the poems in Carrie Etter's distinctive debut collection (many of which first appeared in the TLS) are highly lyrical, but unlike some of her contemporaries, she avoids the anecdotal in favour of the abstract, often adopting philosophical modes of inquiry. The 'tethers' of the title are those we forge between our minds and physical matter, particularly the body: from the heart in 'Biopsy' 'standing aside like a child in the zoo' to Fanny Brawne's engagement ring from Keats which she wore until her death: 'a promise/ unfulfilled' figured as 'the past's persisting bruise'. But the inventive image making that suffuses Etter's writing is nonetheless accompanied by a perceptive clarity of thought, threaded through a concise, fluid style capable of addressing a range of subjects while still sounding wholly individual."

That's the opening paragraph, written by poet-critic Ben Wilkinson. For the rest, see the journal; in two weeks it should be in TLS's online archives.

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