Friday 26 February 2010

Infinite Difference, sampler no. 5: Frances Presley, from "Alphabet for Alina"

from "Alphabet for Alina"


apple a pull a tree a lina
leans her aap pull an apple an
ape sun ap rise across a cross be
tween cox and box her sunset keep
her kept such red to last such red to read

a tart start heart wood this year
the sun gone set or unripe apples
for supermarkets not my favourite
checks to come and live in caravans
pays less than factory work leaf eaters

whose apples who eats this
apple do not snow white do not
white out my reading burst let her
breathe let her choose between apple
and mirror of the apple her s/own character

Frances Presley

The anthology can be pre-ordered from the publisher, Shearsman Books, and The Book Depository in the UK and from The Book Depository or Small Press Distribution in the US.

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  1. after a full flee a lina is apt to answer the babble as soothe of a sun


    I'll have to check this book out. This poem reminds me of Hart Crane's Garden Abstract:

    The apple on its bough is her desire,—
    Shining suspension, mimic of the sun.
    The bough has caught her breath up, and her voice,
    Dumbly articulate in the slant and rise
    Of branch on branch above her, blurs her eyes.
    She is prisoner of the tree and its green fingers.

    And so she comes to dream herself the tree,
    The wind possessing her, weaving her young veins,
    Holding her to the sky and its quick blue,
    Drowning the fever of her hands in sunlight.
    She has no memory, nor fear, nor hope
    Beyond the grass and shadows at her feet.