Sunday 4 September 2005

Current Issues

My apologies for the long delay in posting--I've been suffering from injury to both eyes since April. I thought I had a recurring eye infection, but it turns out that my contacts had caused damage to my corneas. I've been wearing my glasses (ack) since June, and the amount of time I can spend on computer without discomfort has been slowly increasing.

On 12 August I read on the Crossing the Line series at The Poetry Cafe in London; fellow readers were Chris McCabe (whose first book, The Hutton Inquiry, was recently released from Salt) and Piers Hugill. It was a great pleasure to have an interested audience for my experimental work, and it's encouraged me to resume work on a book manuscript of this work under the tentative title Divining for Starters.

I've also been working on two reviews, and I recommend both books warmly: my review of Fiona Sampson's The Distance Between Us (Seren) will appear in TLS, and my review of Jorie Graham's Overlord (Carcanet) in The Liberal. I also have a new poem, "Were It Eden," forthcoming in The Liberal.