Saturday 18 March 2006

Want to see more poetry in The Times' Books section? Read on!

In the 4 March 2006 Books section, Erica Wagner writes, "I'd like to know if you'd like to see more poetry (discussion of, or the poems themselves) in Books. Single poetry reviews? Poetry round-ups? Poetry discussed in the Books group? We're open to suggestion, here."

The full article can be viewed at,,923-2066902,00.html .

Poetry lovers, please write in!

Thursday 2 March 2006

Lovesick and homesick

Hello, all. My partner is teaching in Italy for the next week, and I haven't seen my family since late December, so I'm missing everyone at the moment and thought I'd post this photo of Matt and my nephew Nathan, from Matt and I's Christmas visit to my folks.

Going American

After my posting about my need to "mix it up" with other poetries besides British, especially by reading more American poetry, I suppose it's appropriate that I'm going to the Associated Writing Programs annual conference in Austin, Texas next week. The list of exhibitors at the bookfair almost makes me want to weep. So many journals I've heard about and wanted to see, quite a few journals I've appeared in before, presses I admire, etc., etc.--I'm going to go from just dabbling in the American scene again with a few publications in various magazines to being immersed in it--dropped in as though I were sitting in the dunk tank at the county fair. It can only be good, right?

I'll let you know!