Wednesday 28 December 2005

Sunday 13 November 2005

Upcoming Readings

Hello, all. I have three readings lined up over the next five months.

On Monday, 28 November, I'll be reading at the Friends' Meeting House in Bradford on Avon. The reading will begin at 7:45, and there will be open-mike slots for those interested. If you'd like to find me beforehand, I expect to be at The Bunch of Grapes, also on Whiteheads Lane, with some of my students.

On Monday, 9 January, I'll be reading on a New Voices night at The Troubadour in London. The reading will run from 8-10 p.m.

On Thursday, 30 March, I'll be reading on the Uncut Poets series at The Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter. There will also be an open mike. The reading begins at 7:30.

Saturday 8 October 2005

Current Issues

All's a go! New (2005) poems are in the current issues of The Liberal and TLS, and acceptances have recently arrived from Critical Survey and New Welsh Review for additional poems in the coming months. I'll also be reviewing Jane Yeh's Marabou for Tower Poetry and Ted Mathys' Forge for Verse.

Some time next year I'll also be reading on the new voices series at The Troubadour, date TBA.

Sunday 4 September 2005

Current Issues

My apologies for the long delay in posting--I've been suffering from injury to both eyes since April. I thought I had a recurring eye infection, but it turns out that my contacts had caused damage to my corneas. I've been wearing my glasses (ack) since June, and the amount of time I can spend on computer without discomfort has been slowly increasing.

On 12 August I read on the Crossing the Line series at The Poetry Cafe in London; fellow readers were Chris McCabe (whose first book, The Hutton Inquiry, was recently released from Salt) and Piers Hugill. It was a great pleasure to have an interested audience for my experimental work, and it's encouraged me to resume work on a book manuscript of this work under the tentative title Divining for Starters.

I've also been working on two reviews, and I recommend both books warmly: my review of Fiona Sampson's The Distance Between Us (Seren) will appear in TLS, and my review of Jorie Graham's Overlord (Carcanet) in The Liberal. I also have a new poem, "Were It Eden," forthcoming in The Liberal.

Tuesday 30 August 2005

Academic Profile

Here is my profile on Bath Spa University's website:

Online Appearances of Note

Much of my work available online doesn't represent me well, as my writing and my perspective on poetry have changed greatly over the last few years. Here are those online poems that I feel represent my ethos well.

"The Cult of the Eye" and "The Daughters of Prospero" at Limelight

"Fin de Siecle," "Escalation," and "Pathetic Fallacy as Necessary" at Poetry Review

"Land-Lock" and "The Taboo" at Poetry Review

"Red Acre," "Midnight, Illinois," and Infidel's Prayer" at Jacket

A range of my more experimental poems have appeared in several issues of Shearsman

as well as in Slope

Sunday 8 May 2005

Current Issues

I've been writing more in fits and starts lately, I think because for once all my teaching is in the writing of poetry! What pleasure! I've just finished teaching Start Writing Poetry, an online course, for Open University, and I'm in the midst of teaching the third-year module in writing poetry and the MA poetry workshop at Bath Spa University College.

Most particular to my own interests is my new course on The Prose Poem for The Poetry School in London. In ten weeks, I take students through the form's predominant tendencies, the most common types of prose poem, and the place of the prose poem in contemporary British poetry, through discussions, exercises, and workshops. I'd be glad to hear from fellow practioners of the prose poem via my e-mail address in my personal profile.

My poem, "As If To Say," appears in the new issue of Soundings, and three new poems have just been accepted for the next issue of Tenth Muse.

On 16 May, I'll be reading with John McAuliffe at The Octagon Theatre in Bolton, in The Bolton Institute's reading series. I'm also reading in August on the Crossing the Line series at The Poetry Cafe in London--more on that closer to the date.

Wednesday 6 April 2005

Current Issues

I've been quiet for a while, but not inactive! My poems are in the current issues of PN Review and Faultline, and more poems have been accepted for future issues of Poetry Salzburg Review, Shearsman, and Staple.

My review of Zoe Skoulding's fine first collection, The Mirror Trade, will be in the next issue of New Welsh Review. I also have a short essay on Elizabeth Bishop's poem, "At the Fishhouses," forthcoming in an issue of Magma devoted to the sea.

Friday 4 February 2005

Current Issues

"Awake" and "Short Break" appear in the new issue of Critical Survey, 16.3 (2004), though I'm sorry to report that the latter, a prose poem, is not right-justified as it should be. Given that the magazine mostly publishes academic essays, it can be found in many university libraries.

My review of Ruth Padel's The Soho Leopard appears in the new issue of Poetry Review.

"Axes for Crutches" appeared in the 21 January 2005 issue of The Times Literary Supplement.

In the last few weeks, I've received word of three more forthcoming appearances. "Here Comes the Sun," "Occasional Poem," and "Outpost" will be in PN Review 162. "The Cult of the Eye" and "Horace's Wet Clothes" will be reprinted in the US magazine, Faultline, while "The Honeymoon of Our Attraction" will make its first appearance in Columbia University's journal, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art.

Tuesday 4 January 2005

Current Issues

My review of Molly Peacock's Cornucopia: New and Selected Poems appears in the year-end double issue of The Times Literary Supplement, and my review of Kona Macphee's Tails is in the Autumn 2004 issue of Poetry Review.

My short story, "Prospects," appears in the Winter 2004 issue of New Welsh Review.

My poems appear in the current issues of Seneca Review (US) and Shearsman and are forthcoming in Stand, Critical Survey, Poetry Salzburg Review, New Welsh Review, and The Times Literary Supplement. Additionally, "The Trapeze Artist's Dear John Letter," originally published in Metre, was selected for and published in The Forward Book of Poetry 2005, and "The Bonds," first published in TLS, will appear in a new anthology of poetry by California (and, in my case, former California) poets.