Saturday 20 February 2010

Infinite Difference, sampler no. 2: Harriet Tarlo's "A Spoon for Stein"

A Spoon for Stein

a curve is a centre if you turn it a round over which
you don't let in substance or do using it using
it in a baby mess throw a curve out of which came
came substance steal a spoon steel it feeling
filling the curve is an ending end the handle and
mush the baby out of a stainless mess a stain
is not an object out of a spoon it curves round
around its filling is a centre throw it a spoon
is a missile hit and miss a spoon a mush onto and
of banana rice pear chicken potato apple
again spoon spoony tune let it go throw

Harriet Tarlo

The anthology can be pre-ordered from The Book Depository in the UK and from The Book Depository or Small Press Distribution in the US. And The Book Depository's offering a pre-order special of 25% off!

1 comment:

  1. I love this poem and I love Harriet Tarlo! Are you reading this Harriet?? This poem alone is recommendation enough to make me want the anthology. Congrats on its release!