Wednesday 4 November 2015

UK online magazines for poetry &c.

I knew there were online magazines produced in the UK that I didn't know about, so yesterday I put a call out and was amazed to learn of so many. Here's what I found. Please let me know of any I've missed, and I'll update accordingly.

The list so far of online-only, poetry-publishing, UK-based mags, last updated 10 November:

And Other Poems (
Angle (
Black Sheep Journal (
Burning Bush 2 (
Clear Poetry (
ctrl+alt+del (
The Clearing (
Compass Magazine (
Datableed (
Ground: Poetry Faith and Doubt (
I Am Not a Silent Poet (
Ink, Sweat & Tears (
Intercapillary Space (
The Island Review (
Keep Poems Alive (
Lighten Up Online (
Litter (
M58 (
The Manchester Review (
Message in a Bottle (
Morphrog (
The Open Mouse (
Poems in Which (
Prac Crit (
Snakeskin (
Spontaneity (
Starting Out (
Stepaway Magazine (
Stride (
Three Drops from a Cauldron (
Turbulence (
The Undertow Review (
Your One Phone Call (



  1. Message in a Bottle

  2. The Glasgow Review of Books
    The Island Review
    Far Off Places

    1. Are these all online-only? Do you have web addresses for them?