Monday, 16 November 2015

Forrest Gander's Torn Awake (New Directions, 2001)

In preparation for Forrest Gander's reading at Burdall's Yard on 26 November (you can book tickets here), I've been catching up with his work. Here are some favourite passages from this collection:

Look how your relation to truth creates a tension
you have slackened with compromise.


...measuring out an exile between self and self.


There is something more 
                                          than rhythms of distance and presence....


But who is it that is speaking
in the glorious, unstrung light?

from "The Hugeness of That Which Is Missing"

While the stars flare and the waitress crumbs
the tablecloth, are you just opening again
to the lust to be filled with something? What is it?

from "To the Reader"

...and the canyon opening
out in front of them its magisterial consequence....

from "Line of Descent"

Pain as utterance

from "Carried Across"

Love solves nothing, though it has made me appear.

 from "To the Invisible World"


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