Sunday 1 November 2015

Launching Linda Lamus's A Crater the Size of Calcutta, 30 October 2015

It was a splendid evening on Friday, 30 October at the Boston Tea Party on Park Street in Bristol. Many of Linda's friends and family came to celebrate the publication of her collection, A Crater the Size of Calcutta, by Mulfran Books, and ten of us read a poem each. Thanks to Karen Hoy for these photos.

 Dikra Ridha reads "Ghazal."

John Terry gave a wonderfully exuberant performance of "Signor Floretto's Italian Flea Circus."

A full room, with some audience members following along in their copies of the book.

 Madeline Gittus reads the title poem.

There will be a second launch of the book in Cardiff on Thursday, 5 November as part of the First Thursday series at Chapter Arts Centre. 

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