Sunday 11 October 2015

Linda Lamus's A Crater the Size of Calcutta (Mulfran Press, 2015), first selection

Linda Lamus's book is out at last, and I'm so pleased. As I think individual poems may work to show the book's strengths more than passages, I'll post several on my blog over the next week. 

Island of the Pelicans (La Isla de los Alcatraces)

Despite the Rule of Silence, you hear whispers;
the sometime clank of ball and chain,
echoes in the mess hall and exercise yard.

I swear they’re fingering my mind
on the cold side, where Bay winds slice the sun.
I’m edging down the steep concrete path

until my leg twists to a halt.  Suddenly, snug
as a bullet hole in the wall beside Solitary,
there’s one perfect hummingbird hovering,

his bill drawing nectar from scarlet monkey flowers.
Our heads are in the clouds, the tiny bird and me,
the cross-Bay winds.  I breathe in salt and flowers,

stand watching so close I feel his wings beat
air currents, disturb my hair.  I could touch
the quivering magenta breast.  His eyes hold

every secret of The Rock.

You can purchase a copy by emailing the publisher at leona at mulfran dot co dot uk with a shipping address, and she will send the book with an invoice for £9 (thus no charge for shipping). If you'd like to know a little more about Linda, there is a tribute page here

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