Friday 9 October 2015

Daniel Sluman's the terrible (Nine Arches, 2015)

I was reading this book to provide a blurb and couldn't help underlining favourite passages--a good sign, to be sure. Here they are:

                                     their heads
full of yes      each night   a heaved dice

& we're driving further through it each year


                                              the faces

from our life   passing   like boarded-up doors

from "1991-2006"

the smell of motor oil & sawdust
& the moon threaded through

opening stanza of "confession"

                             & we're here again
passing the whiskey that started the fire
in our throats    watching the town
lights wash slowly   into darkness

end of "matches"

morning-breakers    rubbing

their hands   & checking the mirror
each with their own nightmare

tensed like a razor over
the skin of another morning

facing the exhaustion
of ever-thickening snow

second half of "winter"

I'll keep this lightning trapped in my hip
my strange weather    the dent I sank into
will rise from the sofa in a mist
of cologne & possibilities

end of "doppelganger"

                        where we sit & empty
glass after glass into the night   your son asleep
the walls creeping closer to the ghostly down
on his neck


the roof dreaming its only dream
of the weight of rain

from "the cottage"

tonight is a rope we can burn & burn

opening line of "affair"

              she tried to shake the terrible
from me    until the bed glittered like the sea

from "the terrible"

the gaping o of you

from "L O V E"

in dreams

I have two legs   my mother stays
& childhood is a single house


with a gin in hand I drink
myself to perfection each night

rather obviously, from "in dreams"

glittering with laughter in the sheets beside you

from "phantom"

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