Wednesday 17 April 2013

Sandra Lim's Loveliest Grotesque (Kore Press, 2006)

Some favourite passages:

Fall shudders red and ochre, clean through to a various pain.


Once, inside a night of live stars and other improbable sky lights, the conversation seemed indispensable. I'll be so willing. Ever was. Ordinary behavior, and you can walk there.

from "A Village Journal"

I wanted to see the themes grow inside us
like a talent or a tumor. Pure accident.

from "Last Mash Note"

Survival & reverie salt the palate....

from "Ballad of the Last Chance"

--sub-rosa ways of understanding self and others. The blue streak you take as a personal asterisk.

from "Where Metaphorical Moves Get Started"

...the thickening allusions alighted on all our shoulders with a look of loneliness.

the end of "What Is an Image?

                                        So there
we are, in low relief: creaturely, comely,
deducible wholly by what we have lost.

the end of "Year of the Gallows Birds"

The saddening ways slam
back and forth like a metal screendoor.

opening lines of
"You Could Feel That Freedom Coming On Too"

So often you don't think,
"Little nicks of monstrosity, I shall be splendid in it."

last lines of "Just Disaster"

Intent on being expressive rather than lovely, they are practically breaking with light and dark.


Dear unkind world, should we wonder after quiddity?


These rifts, these hungry expressibles, they are swiftly drawing me on.

from "There Is No Wing Like Meaning"

There is ground between loving and being pleased. See, it is a city unto itself.

from "'Wish You Were Here'"

The ferocity of the world inside has the might of weeds.


I feel so "personal" despite the fact that I am standing alongside myself, subject to dispersal.


I sing as a girl shedding the fever garden, as a boy tasting the knife of her. Word-slung and feral, I happen upon "those places in the body that have no language" but there really is no shielding in the end.


You'd like something of maximum vehemence and physical grace. Instead, "A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!"

from "Equilibrium"
(NB This poem has footnotes I couldn't easily include here.)

I hang the air with barbeque smoke
winding up my walk and my weft.
I longitude, I latitude, I spangle
from the core.

from "Touring, Touring, Gone"

Much later, what emerged unexpectedly but poppy. Nodding red, nodding orange, but always darkly nodding away. Between her and poppy, a torn-up world of cause and effect, pasts and prologues, broken clocks, the clatter in parting.

last stanza of "Afterword"

And the indifference of the island
bellows from shelf to shelf. A turtle rubs along.

from "Blind Future"

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