Friday, 15 March 2013

National Poetry Writing Month, April 2013

Every year since 2008 I've attempted to write 30 poems in 30 days (or the like, say sections of a longer poem) for National Poetry Month, and every year I've called for company here on my blog. Here's the list of people who've agreed to join me in trying to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month (April), 2013. There's no need to post them anywhere, but throughout the month I'll regularly post notices to ask how people are doing with the challenge. If you'd like some prompts to get you started, there are seven I posted here.

1. Lucie Parmiter, Bath
2. Jo Bell, Honeystreet, Wiltshire
3. Carolyn Jess-Cooke, UK
4. Éireann Lorsung, Ghent, Belgium
5. Hazel Hammond, Bristol
6. Mark Olival-Bartley, Munich, Germany
7. Linda Black, London
8. Lucy Sixsmith, Moscow, Russia
9. Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, New Quay
10. Pippa Hennessey, Nottingham
11. Mao Oliver-Semenov, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
12. Melissa Buckheit, Tucson, Arizona
13. Sheila Hamilton,Wirral
14. Josephine Corcoran, Trowbridge
15. Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Bath
16. Anne Brechin, Prague
17. Kit Fryatt, Scotland
18. Jenny Martin, Surrey
19. Dan Coffey, Ames, Iowa
20. Dawn Trook, San Francisco
21. Simon Williams, Dartmoor
22. Aki Schilz, Ecuador
23. Sue Guiney, Cambodia
24. Aisling Tempany, Cardiff
25. Sarah Salway, Canterbury
26. Adam Gedge, Bath
27. Dru Marland, Bristol
28. Catherine Edmunds, Bishop Auckland
29. Bill Herbert, Newcastle upon Tyne
30. Claire Trevien, Oxford
31. Jinny Fisher, Somerset
32. Pascale Petit, London and Paris
33. Patricia Debney, Canterbury
34. Neil Fulwood, Nottingham
35. Andrew Bailey, Chichester
36. Cheryl Moskowitz, Bounds Green and Brooklyn
37. Andrew Ty, Manila, Phillippines and Xiamen, China
38. Anna Twizell, Bath
39. Jeffrey Kahrs, Seattle
40. Sean Martin, Milnthorpe, Cumbria
41. Samantha Boarer, Bath
42. Emily Harrison, Swindon and London
43. Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Berkeley
44. Joan Hewitt, Tynemouth
45. Vanessa Gebbie, Sussex and Ibiza
46. Sue Spencer, County Durham
47. Angela Topping, Northwich
48. Chris Hamilton-Emery, Cromer
49. Vanessa Owen, Bangor
50. Matthew Sperling, London
51. Colin Will, Dunbar
52. Peter Wind, Aarhus, Denmark
53. Heidi Williamson, Norfolk
54. Cathy Dreyer, Ginge, Oxfordshire
55. Sam Loveless, Chippenham
56. Polly Moyer, Bristol
57. Kath Fox, Nottingham
58. Sheree Mack, Tynemouth
59. Miranda Barnes, Bath
60. Jen Wilson, Newcastle
61. Wendy French, London
62. Sue Boyle, Bath
63. Jennifer Militello, Goffstown, New Hampshire
64. Tony Williams, Northumberland
65. Vanessa Harbour, Winchester
66. Rachel McCarthy, Exeter
67. Lee Duggan, Bangor, Wales
68. Graham Burchell, Dawlish
69. Roz Goddard, Cradley Heath, West Midlands
70. J.T. Welsch, York
71. Sue Sims, Bristol
72. Carole Heidi Holland, Market Drayton
73. Wendy Klein, Tidmarsh, Berkshire
74. Tilla Brading, Porlock
75. J. van den Ackor, Seattle
76. Robert Walton, Bristol and Cardiff
77. Gillie Harries, Bristol
78. Agnes Davis, Bristol
79. Richie Brown, Aberdeen
80. Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton, Upper Stratton, Swindon
81. Paul Deaton, Bristol
82. Frances-Anne King, Bath
83. Anthony Wilson, Exeter
84. Roselle Angwin, Devon and The Hebrides
85. Pam Johnson, London
86. Valeria Melchioretto, London
87. Paul Hawkins, Bournemouth
88. Anne Kealy, Somerset
89. Bill Greenwell, Darlington
90. Jake Cantona, Dorset
91. Hilda Sheehan, Swindon
92. Keith Parker, Durham
93. Babs Knightley Short, Devon
94. Simon McCormack, Bournemouth
95. Sophie Herxheimer, London
96. Kaddy Benyon, Cambridge
97. Rachel Glass, North Yorkshire
98. Elaine Marifosque, Phillipines
99. Robin Houghton, Lewes
100. E.E. Nobbs, Prince Edward Island, Canada
101. Rebecca, Auckland, New Zealand
102. Julie Maclean, Australia
103. Suzi Fulham, London
104. Siegfried Baber, Bath and Belgium
105. Susan Utting, Berkshire
106. Matt Haw, Bath
107. Emma Lee, Leicester
108. Christina Dunhill, North London
109. Michael Scott, Swindon
110. Teresa Davey, Swindon and County Down, Ireland
111. Anna-May Laugher, Reading
112. Deborah Harvey, Bristol
113. Rob A. Mackenzie, Leith
114. Caroline Davies, Wing, Buckinghamshire and West Ireland
115. Howard Miller, Macon, Georgia
116. Jon Stone, London
117. Kirsty Irving, London
118. Cat Conwy, London
119. Reiss McGuinness, Bath and Newcastle-upon-Lyme
120. Pey Colborne, Bath
121. Matt Haigh, Cardiff
122. Beth Camp, Spokane, Washington
123. Mary Hamer, London
124. Rena Bunder Rossner, Jerusalem
125. Larry Bradley, Vermont
126. Janet Rogerson, Manchester
127. Steven Waling, Manchester
128. Harry Man, London
129. Frank Dullaghan, Dubai
130. Rose Riedel, Indianola, Washington
131. Jen Crawford, Singapore
132. Karen Green, London
133. June Sciortino, London
134. Fiona Russell, Scotland
135. Sue Holland, Shropshire
136. Carole Bromley, York
137. Nick Compton, Bath and Leicestershire
138. Megan Cox, Herefordshire
139. Sudeep Sen, Delhi, India
140. Marilyn Francis, Radstock
141. Ian Lewis, Leicester and Harborough
142. Nick Hetherington, Kildare, Ireland
143. Crysse Morrison, Frome and California
144. Kerry-Lee Powell, New Moncton and Banff, Canada
145. Ágnes Lehóczky, Sheffield
146. Adam Horovitz, Slad Valley, Gloucestershire
147. Pippa Little, Newcastle upon Tyne
148. Janet Fisher, Huddersfield 
149. Janette Ayachi, Edinburgh 
150. Yu Yan Chen, Singapore 
151. David Seddon, Congleton, Cheshire 
152. Libby Walkup, Chicago 
153. Jane Commane, Warwickshire 
154. Candide Peel, Lechlade, Gloucestershire


  1. Great, count me in too, though from 10th April until 9th May, when I'll be in Paris on a writing retreat. Thanks.

    1. Wonderful, Pascale! I'm jealous that you can list your locations as London and Paris!

  2. I'd like to be counted too, though the first week of April will be a little tight as I revise my thesis. My name is Andrew Ty and I'm from Manila, in the Philippines. I'm also going to be in Xiamen, China from the 18th to the 26th.

    1. You're most welcome, Andrew! What takes you to such interesting places?

    2. Manila is where I was born and still live; Xiamen was my grandfather's birthplace. I've been there before but this year is my first time to take my wife and my son!

  3. I'd love to have a go... are Sussex UK and a few days in Ibiza suitably poetic locations? :)

  4. Me too! Also a little tight as am driving to the Hebrides 2nd week April, leading an intensive course there solo, then on to Moniack Mhor to lead a course right after that. Will do bestest, though, even if only a couple of lines each day :-)

    1. Great, Roselle! How should I list your name and location?

    2. Roselle Angwin, Totnes

    3. On second thoughts, considering it's April, 'Devon and Hebrides'!! :-)

  5. Me too please! Sounds great.

    Agnes Davis, Bristol

    Look forward to following everyone's progress.

    1. Welcome, Agnes! You're on the list!

  6. I'll have a go too - always good to have something to get me to sit down and write. Or stand up even.

  7. Yes, please! Would love to join you - Pam Johnson, London

  8. I'd love to have a go - I'm working on my MA portfolio for MMU, due September, so it will be a spur.

  9. Hi Carrie,

    I will join the challenge

    Paul Hawkins

  10. I'd love to have a go, but I've no idea if I could manage such a feat. It's a great challenge. (Anne from Somerset)

    1. Then give it a go! It's worth trying. Many who don't succeed in doing 30 poems in 30 days are still glad they tried.

  11. Count me in too

    Bill Greenwell (Darlington)

  12. Hello Carrie This looks daunting but interesting. Could I join the group please? Keith Parker Durham

  13. Me me me .......

    Babs Knightley Short

  14. Hello! This looks interesting. I want to give it a shot too. :) Can I join? Elaine Marifosque from Philippines. :D

    1. Of course! You're on the list! Welcome!

  15. Hi - I'd like to do this. Rebecca - Auckland, NZ

    1. Hi, Rebecca. I loved Auckland when I was there in 2000 and have been longing to return. You're most welcome. May I list a surname?

  16. Add me too please.

    E.E. Nobbs, Prince Edward Island, Canada

  17. Hi Carrie,

    I'd love to join in from the Antipodes.

  18. A wave from Oz and count me in if you have space.

    1. Of course! Where are you in Australia?

  19. I'll try. I don't mind a challenge. They won't be long poems though!

    1. Great, you're on the list! Welcome!

  20. Hi Carrie, please count me in - Emma Lee, Leicester.

  21. Replies
    1. Hurrah and welcome, Deborah! It was such a pleasure meeting you the other night. x

  22. I'd also like to join in

    Caroline Davies, Wing (and the West of Ireland)

    I shall only be in Ireland from 8th-12th April but I suppose that counts?

    1. Sure, it counts--that's part of the fun. Where is Wing?

    2. Wing is in Buckinghamshire Carrie.

    3. Ah, thanks for letting me know!

  23. Hi Carrie,

    Could I be added to the list? Matt Haigh, Cardiff. I'll be posting my efforts at PFFA!

  24. Is it too late to be added?

    Beth Camp, Spokane, Washington

    And thank you so much for coordinating this celebration of National Poetry Month.

    1. No, I think it's only too late when the month's started rolling--and even then, I've had some late adds. Welcome! And I'm glad to encourage others if I can.

  25. I'd love to join this community of April poets.

    Mary Hamer, London

    1. I've added you to the list--welcome!

  26. Excited!

    - Rena (Jerusalem)

  27. I would love to do this, Carrie. Any more room?

    1. Always! Where are you located?

    2. The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

  28. Hi Carrie, I'd like to be included please, Janet Rogerson, Manchester. Thank you

  29. Hi Carrie, I would like to join in. Thanks for prompts. June Sciortino, London

  30. Hi Carrie, I would love to join in. Thank you for prompts. Do Haiku count?

    1. You're on the list! You can do the challenge however you want, including with haiku--you might find Alan Summers' With Words site helpful:

  31. Please could you add me too, Carrie? I'll be up north for some of the time but hope to add a few lines each day. Fiona Russell, Scotland will cover it!

  32. Me too? Sorry I'm so late but just in time to start tomorrow. Meg Cox, Herefordshire

    1. You're on the list! And the reason your post didn't appear at once--there should have been a message saying this--is that all posts have to be approved by the administrator, i.e. me--that's how I avoid spam.

    2. thank you. I'm gearing up. Pru Kiching is thinking about joining but isn't sure how, or whether, or when or which or why. So if you do hear from her, please accept her onto the list.

  33. Dear Carrie,
    I'll join in as well ... let give it a go.

    1. Fabulous, Sudeep! You're in Delhi, yes? I saw some lovely pictures of you from Helen Ivory the other day--wish I'd been there!

  34. Anything Meg Cox can do, I can do too! Can you add me as well, please? Marilyn Francis, Radstock (somewhere near Bath).

    1. Ha! Great, you're on the list! I know Radstock well--Tim Liardet lives there, and my partner gets his ceramics supplies from a shop there, too.

  35. Thanks - I know that ceramics supplies shop.

  36. I have figured out how to comment!! No 142 thanks for having me Carrie!

  37. Replies
    1. Absolutely! What are the name and location I should list?

  38. I have started. Just a few lines on a longer piece I have had knocking about in my head.

  39. Room for one more, please?

    I may be a little late in joining the party but I'm two days in and two poems down!

    Candide Peel, Lechlade, Gloucestershire