Sunday, 2 December 2012

Kelvin Corcoran's Lyric Lyric (Reality Street, 1993)

This book is equally divided into two sections, each titled Lyric. Here some favourite passages from the first section:

...the human meaning
out of the dark dream
breathing immediate words.


...a door into the river night
the site of deep assent.


How can we ever, that carpet,
I shall pin the dumb song moment
familiar shapes inscribe
man, woman, driving home
return me word by word.

And from the second section: 

It's hard enough under this sky
and in all these other places,
lights fixed and moving
an uncertain grid of fields
without a dream, you knew just what,
come out of that open air.


That morning cars came out of the sun,
I couldn't measure the speeds,
careering subjects released from rhetoric
smacked up against the white wall.
The birds flip from branch to branch,
their funny watery cries all around
splash and blend in the garden heat.


the shape of a country moves through us.


In blue September between blue blinds
I write and drink, thinking of money,
thinking inside the physical forms of words
for the pleasures of reification.


The bright ones learn Japanese and Arabic
running up the walls of banks, shops and palaces,
the rhythm of neglect, step out of it,
through the door, into the house, talking.

You can buy Lyric Lyric from the publisher for a mere £5.


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