Sunday 29 April 2012

Shearsman 91 & 92

I'm pleased to say I have three poems in Shearsman 91 & 92: two from the Divining for Starters series and "Orphan/age," one of my first finished poems about my mother's unexpected death last summer. I look forward to reading the poems by Catherine Hales, Gary Hotham, Rob A. Mackenzie, Sam Sampson and Steven Waling, as well as many other poets both new and familiar to me, including translations of Baudelaire. 


  1. Kristina C5:50 pm

    hi Carrie - so now you are also modeling for mag covers as well! Look forward to the poems. As for the april daily poem hell - am almost done. Last few have been little better than greeting cards but am hanging on by the tips of my consonants.

  2. Kristina C10:24 pm

    Hi Carrie - am done, done and done!!! I really don't know why it was important to keep at it every day but thanks for enabling me to get over the blank page in such a spectaular fashion. Certainly not many masterpieces but a good re-start. Haven't written for several years. Have a good one Carrie and ta for all the fish.