Wednesday 11 April 2012

My Adoption Birthday

This is a picture of me with my parents, Henry and Bernadine Etter, the day I was adopted, exactly two weeks after I was born. We always referred to today as my adoption birthday.

This adoption birthday is my first without them, without their unconditional, boundless love, and I miss them desperately.


  1. kristina C10:14 pm

    oh Carrie. very hard day for you. am so glad you put up the photo - for clearly, on this day they were so so happy - they look utterly delighted and this is what you can hold to your heart - that on this day, you made it so.

  2. Anonymous11:46 am

    Carrie, my eyes have misted over and I truly feel for you. From this endearing photo it is clearly evident that you were their greatest gift as they were to you.