Sunday 25 March 2012

You are summoned

to join me in writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month this April. Happily, during the first three weeks I'll be on spring break, so I can really make the most of the challenge.

The following have already agreed to join me:

1. Joanne Limburg, Cambridge, UK
3. Aisling Tempany, Cardiff
4. Daniel Luff, Bath
5. Claire Lerpinière, near Bath
6. Natalia Spencer, Bristol
7. Jennifer K. Dick, Mulhouse, France
8. Reiss McGuinness, Bath and Sheffield
9. Kit Fryatt, Dublin
10. Cat Conway, London
11. Barbara Marsh, Hackney
12. Marthe Reed, Lafayette, Louisiana
13. James "J.P." Pavett, Bath, Somerset and Ferndown, Dorset
14. Katy Wilson, Bath
15. Alex Clere, Bath and Tamworth
16. Isobel Armstrong, Southampton
17. Jenny Martin, Great Bookham, Surrey
18. Kathryn Simmonds, London
19. John Wheway, Bath
20. Kristina Close, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham
21. Tom Weir, Leeds
22. Kenny Campbell, St Andrews
23. Samantha Boarer, Bath and Newton Abbot
24. Matt Haw, Bath
25. Abigail Maskill, Halifax and Bath
26. Laura Hill, Borehamwood and Bath
27. Katherine Frost, Folkestone and Bath
28. Connie Voisine, Belfast, Ireland
29. Frank Dullaghan, Dubai, UAE
30. Dikra Ridha, Bath
31. Libby Walkup, Chicago
32. Jack Tinmouth, Whitchurch, Bristol
33. Simon McCormack, Bournemouth
34. Ginny Wiehardt, Brooklyn, NY
35. √Čireann Lorsung, Nottinghamshire
36. Charlotte Owen, Bath
37. Emily Maycock, Newton St Loe
38. Laura Burns, Bristol
39. Mark Olival-Bartley, Munich, Germany
40. Simon Williams, South Devon, UK
41. Peter Daniels, London
42. Sarah Rudston, Bath
43. Zoe Howarth-Lowe, Bath
44. Rob A. Mackenzie, Edinburgh
45. Violet Echo Dahl, Bath and Oxford
47. Graham Burchell, Dawlish
48. Sharon Larkin, Cheltenham
49. Bob Walton, Bristol
50. Diana Gittins, Exeter
51. Lucy Sixsmith, Bath
52. Lily Kerfoot, Dartmoor and Bath
53. Sarah Lariviere, Paris
54. Nathan Say, Las Vegas
55. Jason Mark Curley, London


  1. Is it still 'No Haiku'?

  2. ok. i'm in.

    connie voisine (belfast, northern ireland)

  3. You can do haiku--I've never said one can't, Badger; that may have once been a rule I set myself. Welcome Connie and Mark--let me know where to list your residence, Mark, and if either of you have a link you want me to include.

  4. I'd like to join you on this. Last time I tried I got to around 13th, but still had some worthwhile material at the end.

    1. What name should I list for you, where do you live, and is there a link I should include for you? Glad to have you aboard!

    2. Sorry, Carrie. Simon Williams, South Devon

  5. I'm in, too: √Čireann Lorsung, Nottinghamshire. Link is Thanks!

  6. Hello, Carrie! Please add me, too. I'm Sarah Lariviere's friend: Ginny Wiehardt of Brooklyn, NY. No link for now. Thanks for setting this up: should be a good impetus for writing at a time when I need one.

  7. You're all listed now--welcome!

  8. Could you add me please? Sharon Larkin, Cheltenham. Thank you!

  9. Last minute volunteer for writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month is me! - Susan Taylor, Dartmoor, Devon.

  10. Is it too late for me to join - just saw your notice on Wom-Po. Would love to get writing poetry again...Sarah Law, London. Good luck all...

  11. All added on the new list up today!

  12. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Scott Lutz - please add me to your list - I began yesterday - will love to add to the momentum of the group.
    Many thanks.

  13. Scott, where do you live? And is there a website I should link your name to?

    You're on today's list! Welcome!

    1. Anonymous1:46 am

      I am in Calgary Alberta Canada
      Thanks Carrie, No, no website yet.
      Many Thanks!