Thursday 8 March 2012


The Purdue student university paper, The Exponent, has an appreciative article in yesterday's issue about my visit. Already I have a number of responses--not reproof to the writer but my own clarifications. For example, I don't try to write a humorous poem every 6-7 years--that's how often I think I'm successful with one! And you'll understand better what I meant about moreish if you imagine a dash between that word and the one that follows.

I also didn't see anyone in my audience yawn, though one or two looked rather tired--I was teasing. (Let me tell you about the time my fellow featured reader yawned!)

And as for what I aspire to--that's a longer conversation, and right now I'm jetlagged and catching up with far too much work. But soon, soon.

Thanks to Josh Diamond, who gave my reading a thoughtful and intelligent introduction, Jeff Berglund, author of the article in The Exponent, Donald Platt, all the other students who attended my lunch, dinner and/or reading, and most of all Mary Leader, for a most welcoming and engaging visit to Purdue.

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