Thursday 4 March 2010

Infinite Difference, sampler no. 8: Sascha Akhtar's "The Sufi"

The Sufi

Surrender I, speak

a word for you

a pot on flame melts
before we eat glistening
like cherrywinter, like bootblack
I polish indefinitely

reach my dizzy head
in all its circumference, touch
choose a card
save sure till you mean it
I'll clock your time in true beads
tonight I see a crash
next morning wizard hollers

a crest-fallen face, a dust-rudder

who was there on this winters morn
I saw snow-devils whirling
& lost myself.

wine pour backwards.


Sascha Akhtar

The anthology is out now and can be ordered from the publisher, Shearsman Books, and The Book Depository in the UK and from The Book Depository or Small Press Distribution in the US.

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