Saturday 19 December 2015

A blurb for Hometown (V. Press, 2016) from David Gaffney

I'm so looking forward to the publication of my first pamphlet/chapbook of flash fictions from V. Press in 2016, Hometown. As I've admired David Gaffney's short-short stories for some years, I asked him if he'd provide a blurb for the collection, if he liked it. Here's what he sent: "Etter's stories climb into your head and reboot it from the inside, from the squealingly joyous to the darkly sad, some with gear changes that fling you backwards in your seat, some told in voices so strong you could lean against them, and then some fragile, as if the page held nothing but the faint impression of a delicate and long-dead insect. I can't wait for more."

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