Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Nancy Gaffield's Zyxt (Oystercatcher, 2015)

Here are some favourite passages:

                               the iterate wind renders you

down to tallow this far north you stop looking for light

end of "Blown-in"

                                           regardless of
where you are bats return in the early evening, & we are on the threshold of the [in]
visible world....


a solitary blackbird sings
& we are


listen--what was it we saw that
summer the moon burned 
almost black--
did you
can you


                                                     we hunt among flints
for a name that cannot be spoken a hot wind scatters the thirty-nine articles
so much space you can hear dust loosening the hinges


first in 
panic of
dislocation I
let myself drift in the lyric

from "Eastbridge Fibonacci"

                                                                                             what happened to you then
as afternoon evaporated into evening and the century folded in

from "Lost Negatives"

Darkness brayed within him


The randomness of it
        skylark and song
        somniis meis fis--
        you become because of my dreams

from "Abecedarian Hymn for St Alphege"
(a tour de force of a poem)

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