Saturday 8 March 2014

Did You Get the T-Shirt? Touring a Book

I decided I'd like to see my reading dates lined up as though they were on the back of a band's tour t-shirt, and here's what I have thus far:


27/2   Seattle
18/3   London
22/3   Plymouth
28/3   Bradford on Avon
6/4   Cheltenham
11/4   Bristol
26/4   Providence, RI
30/4   Claremont, NH
1/5   Cambridge, MA
25/5   Portsmouth
5/6     Cardiff
8/6     Oxford
20/6   Reading
26/6   Swansea
4/7 Ledbury
16/7    Nottingham
8/9 Norwich
17/9   Sheepwash
3/10 Swindon (Poetry Festival)
4/10 Exeter
13/11  Swindon (BlueGate Poets)
26/11 Chichester

I'm not interested in promoting myself as an author so much as promoting the book on which I worked so hard--I want to get the book into people's hands.

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