Saturday 14 September 2013

Anne Carson's Glass, Irony and God (New Directions, 1995)

opens his--

eyes stacked with the motions of roses in that other dawn
and a torn coolness--



Pale dawn was filling up the lap of the room.

from "TV Men: Sokrates"

You dove once

into your privatest presentiment
and stayed, face down in your black overcoat.
To my wonder.
Endlessness runs in you like leaves on the tree of night.
To live here one must forget much.

the end of "TV Men: The Sleeper"

A stranger is poor, voracious and turbulent.
He comes

from nowhere in particular

and pushes prices up.
His method of knowing
is to eat it. 


A stranger is master of nothing.

Who in a nightmare
can help himself?


Rome collapsed when Alaric ran out the dawn side. 

from "The Fall of Rome: A Traveller's Guide"

Lapping at Isaiah's ears black birdsong no it was anger.


The nation stirred in its husk and slept again. 


It was a cold winter evening, the cold bit like a wire. 


He slept, the asters in the garden unloaded their red thunder into the dark.

from "The Book of Isaiah"

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