Wednesday 10 July 2013

Peter Riley's Chapters of Age (Open House Editions, Leafe Press, 2013)

A lovely skinny pamphlet with the subtitle, 'Stone landscapes of Inishmore and Burren, May 2010'. Here are some favourite passages:

Chapters of age: increasingly anxiety,
Histories beyond credence,
Massive stone forts in mist.


And sing still and louder sing,
Psalmic impulsions rolling over the moor
Seeking an imperfect cadence.


Where is the musician or architect
Who built me this weary smile?


Saw everything from there, the rich
And the poor, the cloud descending,
The cattle driven over the cliff.


For there are answers to fear, 
Common or garden,
That singing up the coast.

You can get the pamphlet for £3.50 by buying it directly from Leafe Press.

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