Thursday 28 February 2013

Edward Dorn's Collected Poems (2012), fifth selection (from Twenty-Four Love Songs, 1969))

Some favourite passages from Twenty-Four Love Songs (1969):

My speech is tinged
my tongue has taken
a foreigner into it
Can you understand
my uncertainties grow
and underbrush and thicket 
of furious sensibility 
between us....

the first half of '3'

unrung by the secretly expected
fingers of last sunday

from '6'

now everywhere I turn
and everytime there is
that full thing with us
I am cottered

from '10'

We made the journey by train
it was cold now and then
a day scored by a cloud
the heat we had we had in our pockets
and occasionally we took some
what more can be said
more than the existence we have

second and final stanza of '14'

There is no final word
for how you are.
An emotional response
can be the reputation to
which all inquiry is referred
and let go at that.

opening stanza of '24'

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