Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rae Armantrout's Next Life (Wesleyan University Press, 2007), second selection

Some favourite passages....

A promise that can only be kept
by being made and made again

last lines of "Promise"

The dream--a froth
of syllables and lights.
A lost
girl, cross
section of a girl,
who floats on the surface
tension between bed
and rising.

last section of "In Part"

As planets and protons
invent themselves by spinning,

so a mind
turns on itself

in a body's dark space

last section of "Pronouncements"

And someone will here set down
a diner or gas station
at a desolate crossroads

and tried naming it
to evoke
the whole human situation

the impulse to do so

What that name will be
is the one thing we don't know

end of "Make It New"

We ought to be frightened
of the reconstituted

pronominal fizz
that invades us,

the waverly, weasely persistence

which, once we start to listen,
demands to be heard

end of "Again"

The present's chronic

which a poem

from "Yoohoo"

When we wish for anything,
we also wish

for time to pass.
From this

we can infer
that time and wish are one

or that we have caused them

to become enmeshed.

third section of "Propensity"

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