Tuesday 11 September 2012

'one thought galore' from Daniel O'Donnell-Smith's cOdes (Leafe, 2012)

Leafe Press has a new pamphlet series, beginning with the first collection of young poet Daniel O'Donnell-Smith, cOdes, which effectively combines heightened, vernacular and computer languages. This poem has less of the latter, so you'll have to pick up the pamphlet yourself to get a better idea of the extent of O'Donnell-Smith's project, so to speak.

one thought galore

that first spark
at sleeping
great thinkers
are vitamin supplements
for things that a slow boy learnt

the sum born from giants
trickle down

a pool hall of ideas

                                             [multiple user content]

and there i was reading this:

the mind automaton.

Daniel O'Donnell-Smith
cOdes (Leafe, 2012)

If you buy cOdes directly from the publisher, it's £4.50 with free shipping.

Here's Daniel O'Donnell-Smith's account of himself: "Daniel O'Donnell-Smith lives in Leicester but will soon be moving to London to begin a PhD and make electronic mistakes with his dark pop collective @MoscowYouthCult. He loves synths, trashy horror/sci-fi, VHS wonk & cat lick. His first poetry collection is currently available from Leafe Press, entitled 'cOdes'."


  1. Very synchronistic, I would like to share my poem "a panacea" with Daniel O'Donnell-Smith, please get in touch (beckyvirgo@me.com)

  2. Anonymous8:58 pm

    sorry becky.virgo@me.com !! dots are very important apparently!!