Friday 25 May 2012

Divining for Starters "finely wrought and immensely sensual"

Some favourite passages from Sarah Jackson's thoughtful review of Divining for Starters in the latest issue of New Walk:

"Carrie Etter’s second collection demonstrates a remarkable ear and intelligence. Combining lyricism and experimentation, Divining for Starters is confident, poised, and at times quite startling."

"What I find so notable, however, is not simply the way that Etter represents the desire for starting over, but the manner in which these poems perform their own coming-into-being."

"...these poems are also finely wrought and immensely sensual – the poet ‘fingering my small store of words / held on the tongue’ (‘Divining for Starters (53)’). Even as closure is endlessly deferred, the poems are gathered together by a careful patterning of sound and sense."

"This is of course not simply the hypnotic dream of a train moving through the night, but the drift of language from any fixed reference point. And it is this carefully controlled and haunting slipperiness that makes Carrie Etter’s second collection so extraordinary."

Divining for Starters is available with free worldwide shipping from The Book Depository.

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