Monday 2 January 2012

Geraldine Monk's Lobe Scarps & Finials (Leafe Press, 2011)

I've just finished reading the latest collection from Geraldine Monk, Lobe Scarps & Finials, and warmly recommend it. While some of the poems worked more for me than others, on the whole I relished its playfulness and good humour, its chattiness and range of register, and concur with David Wheatley's thoughtful review in The Guardian. Here are just a few choice passages:

Rock runs to slurry.
Earthquakes cakewalk the
globe and back.

dunder. earth. death. dearth. abide.


O.K. lamb--
meek it out...

from "March"

...everything was elsewhere and
being England it was cloudy.


Colder. Wetter.
Perseids a proper shower
hurtling a best-in-years
outta-sight and
being England it was cloudy.

from "August"

Vegetables must be
peeled eyes removed
hearts recovered. Fruit flesh
parted with gravity.

from "November"

In a late summer night courtyard illuminated
shafts of wet creaked a simmering up-deep.


How greener is the other side of the
body incorruptible?


Moderation didn't make the
universe burst into pentameters.
Extremes teem. Petals and
thorns. Throne of frowns.

from "Poppyheads"

I'd quote more if I could replicate the spacing. You can buy the book directly from the publisher here.

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