Thursday 23 June 2011

A short survey of writing habits

For the annual anthology, last year's Bath Spa University MA graduates decided to do a short survey of writing habits, beginning with writers teaching on the programme and extending outward into the larger literary community. Respondents include myself, Peter Finch, George Szirtes, Samantha Harvey, Mimi Thebo, Gerard Woodward, and Lucy English, among others. You can read them here, as well as dip into extracts from the graduates' work.


  1. Caroline H.9:08 am

    Fascinating - glad to see I'm not the only writer
    whose brain works slooowly ... (then faster as
    ideas catch fire.) Oceans of tea required.

  2. I love this. Really fascinating. And the questions are great. In the usual poet fashion, could I steal these questions and do a similar thing on my blog sometime? I do a lot of interviews on my blog so this would be a great addition, and I'd love to include you, too. I of course won't use these questions if you'd rather I didn't for any reason. Could you shoot me a quick email to say yay or nay? sue at guineyuk dot com Thanks!