Thursday 31 March 2011

National Poetry Month: I try again

I'm going to make yet another attempt to write thirty poems in the thirty days of April, and as before, I've called for company. Here's the list of who's offered to join me--more are welcome!

1. Hazel Hammond, Bristol
2. John Wheway, Stanton Drew
3. Linda Black, London
4. Lucy Sixsmith, Bath
5. Helen Pizzey, Dorset
6. Claire Crowther, Surrey
7. Zara Preston, Bath
8. Jenny Martin, London
9. J.L. Williams, Edinburgh
10. James MacGregor, Trowbridge
11. Mo Gallacio, London
12. Charles Johnson, Pilton, Somerset
13. Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Gateshead
14. Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Los Angeles
15. Aidan Semmens, Woodbridge, Suffolk
16. Tony Williams, Sheffield
17. Michael Egan, Liverpool
18. Kenny Knight, Plymouth
19. Peter Daniels, London
20. Sarah Wheeler, Bath
21. Kati Rynne, London
22. S.V. Wolfland, Exeter
23. Andrea Porter, The Fens, St Ives
24. Isobel Armstrong, Southampton
25. Charlotte Walker, Manchester
26. Jaime Robles, Exeter
27. Mike Jenkins, Merthyr Tydfil
28. Rob A. Mackenzie, Edinburgh
29. Graham Burchell, Dawlish
30. Diana Gittins, Exeter and Yorkshire
31. Brett Hardman
32. Andrew Bailey, Sussex
33. Sophie Mayer, London
34. Sandra Etter, Normal, Illinois
35. Aisling Tempany, Cardiff
36. Matt Bryden, London
37. Louise Matthias, Joshua Tree, California
38. Catherine Edmunds, Bishop Auckland
39. Fay Baker, Salford
40. Mimi Thebo, Keynsham
41. Susan Taylor, Dartmoor
42. Valeria Melchioretto, London
43. Frank Dullaghan, Dubai
44. Val Roberts, Cheshire
45. Wendy Webb, Norfolk
46. Joanne Limburg, Cambridge
47. Tamar Yoseloff, London
48. Alan Summers, Bradford on Avon
49. Karen Hoy, Bradford on Avon
50. Cat Conway, London

Tomorrow it begins!


  1. Anonymous10:18 am

    Hey Carrie, Where would you like us to post the poems? I have a site: and could post them there, or perhaps you'd like them to be posted somewhere central? Let me know! Thanks, Kati.

  2. I'm up for NaPoWriPo, and posting them on Area 17. There'll be mostly haiku related, but you never know, I might get to five lines for a tanka too. ;-)


  3. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Written my first, and sent it off for the Border Collie anthology (IDP)... here's hoping...

  4. Well done all! Kati, you don't have to post your poems unless you'd like. I'll just ask on my blog from time to time how people are doing.

  5. What a neat idea. A poem a day...the apple would be easier!