Monday 17 January 2011

Thoughts on "Experimental" British Poetry

My email conversation with Leslie McGrath on this subject appears today on The Best American Poetry Blog.


  1. Interesting thoughts, Carrie. I think Scottish non-mainstream poets have tended to use humour and playfulness e.g. Alexander Huchison, Richard Price, Edwin Morgan etc but that may well be because they have looked to the USA and Europe for influence.

    Of course, not everyone would agree that these names are 'experimental', but they are hardly mainstream either.

  2. Good point, Rob--thanks for this. I don't know Huchison's work--where would you recommend I begin?

  3. Roddy2:38 pm

    Scales Dog, published by Salt is his Selected.

  4. Here's Sandy in his most playful mode -

    Nothing experimental about that, but very funny and well written. 'Scales Dog' contains a good selection, from stuff like that to some very odd poems. One of my favourite books from Salt -

  5. And here's something from him quite different from the haggis poem -

  6. Linda Black11:35 am

    There's a poem of his in issue 5 of LPM, launched tonight