Friday 5 November 2010

From the Bridge: Contemporary Turkish Women Poets, third selection


Small homes between earth and sky
rooms murmuring, windows ajar
pots and pans, chairs, a worn out table
tiny habits, and stale tastes
a handful of dust, an afternoon shadow
and time sitting back on its corner seat

between walls known to each other
what possessions, what anguish, what little love
a fragment of salt picked from the sea, from the sun
a carefree feeling, a kiss, a laugh
whispers, vapour of flowers in the vase
and in the moments’ haste
the pervasive smell of death

a mass of souls between earth and sky
a goblet of rage, an ocean of grief
screams, pleas, profound silence
and through the veins of these small houses
pulsing and flowing
and flowing on
this longing for life

Ayten Mutlu
Trans. George Messo
Conversation Paperpress, 2010

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