Wednesday 7 July 2010

Congratulations Matt Bryden, winner in this year's Templar pamphlet competition

Congratulations to one of my dearest friends, Matt Bryden, on winning this year's Templar Poetry Pamphlet and Collection Prize. His pamphlet, Night Porter, will be published this autumn, and his first book some time next year. There's a special pleasure when I work with someone closely on their poetry and it comes to fruition; Matt's been working on the poems in this pamphlet for over four years and I can't imagine how many times they've been by me. I'm so excited and proud. Congratulations, Matt. Hard earned, well deserved.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to Matt!

    Looking forward to the pamphlet, and the book, and think myself fortunate to have seen some of the poems in their draft stages too.