Sunday 30 May 2010

"Lilliputian manipulations"

When a magazine I admire accepts my work, I'm delighted, tickled, heartened. When a magazine I've admired for umpteen years accepts my work for the first time, I go giddy. I've been reading The Iowa Review since I was a teenager sitting on the floor amid the stacks of Milner, the university library I might say I grew up in, just over a mile's walk from my parents' home. In the current issue they've published the only really humourous poem in my manuscript Imagined Sons, "Imagined Sons 18: Greek Salad," and visiting the website, I find the new editor mentions its "Lilliputian manipulations." So now I've had my work spoken of in Swiftian terms upon appearing in a long-admired journal...I'm feeling dizzy....

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  1. Nicholas Whitehead10:04 am

    The all-day smile is yours.
    And the long-term glow inside.