Monday 18 January 2010

John Welch's pamphlet, Untold Wealth (Oystercatcher, 2008)

As I can't make it to London tomorrow to hear John Welch read, I decided I'd catch up with my Oystercatcher collection and read his pamphlet tonight. Here are some choice passages:

a barrenness of waiting buds


The difficult it is
Here, the original place?


Londonistan this
Othered I's
Home earth
To die in the land
'laid to rest'
But turn away here
How shallow are
The roots of understanding
As if powdered with their names
Gutterals I strove to utter
Ripening like a bed of fruit
I don't defend the process
Ashes that float across
This soft-voiced alien narrative
Dying in history's echo
Here they are in the post office
As if queuing at the end of empire


Arrival, as if you are
worshipping thresholds

As if signing, the
dust with our names


Being all potential is
A gathering-point of forces


I mean
The man's impossible dignity
Cornered in exile
Is what fails to disappear
The weaver of uncorrupted cloth


swan family their
bliss of extended necks


As if self were a city and we are all other
Just to be like that in the air
Abrupt as a bird's life and it is enough.

from "home ground"

Here flights of capital pigeons
They're turning turning on a depthless sky


I who went out walking
As if I had scarcely begun

from "untold wealth"

The pamphlet is available direct from the publisher. His recent books are published by Shearsman.

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