Wednesday 2 December 2009

"The Rise of Poetry in Advertising"

An article in today's Guardian.

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  1. Anonymous11:43 pm

    This is particularly pertinent for me as I have recently been approached by a small-films company vis-a-vis the possibility of writing a poem for a national conservation agency, highlighting their involvement with sustainability and dealing with climate change. I find the thought tremendously exciting - but then, I am a relative newcomer to poetry/writing and one of my main motivations has always been to share my new-found enthusiasm with as many people in the wider general community as possible. I therefore agree wholeheartedly with the views in this article as expressed by Nick Toczek.

    There is, of course, a fundamental difference between using someone's poem that is an established part of our literary heritage and one that is basically commissioned for a specific purpose. And then perhaps the distinction has to be made somewhere between what will stand as an actual "poem" and what otherwise becomes mere versified copy. But who's to say? Then there are also issues of personal integrity as regards the product being advertised or the payment involved; for example, I guess few would have a problem with writing to advance the cause of Green Issues these days, whereas many might think twice about plugging EasyJet!

    There are many sides to this topical issue which will continue to make for interesting reading and debating. But this is nothing new. Artists, composers, writers: all have been commissioned down through the ages - both to supplement a living and to seek to engage. As long as the work is not compromised in so-doing, both reasons are surely legitimate.

    Thanks for this, Carrie.

    Regards, Helen P