Friday 10 July 2009

"The Mole" by Ben Wilkinson

Ben Wilkinson's first pamphlet,
The Sparks, has been published as part of Tall Lighthouse Press's Pilot initiative for poets under 30. It can be ordered directly from Tall Lighthouse

The Mole

In the same way that the stone rolled back
from the cave and the grave-clothed
Lazarus emerged, the earth burst

into mounds on the garden, hunks of turf
disturbed by the seemingly dormant
deep-now-surface diggings of it,

boar or sow. Unmovable, unbiddable
by spade or shout: my father and I
watched from the window, dry-brown

heaps churning gently out; blinking,
aerating and tilling the mineral-dead layers
of blank soil, opening up to a sudden downpour. 

Ben Wilkinson

"The Mole" first appeared in The Times Literary Supplement.

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