Saturday 30 May 2009

Blog tours

I'm not sure what I think of poetry collections doing "blog tours." I suppose they're most useful for people who don't themselves blog, to give their book a greater online presence. 

Michelle McGrane asked to present The Tethers on her blog Peony Moon, with a sample poem; it's up now. I guess that's my first stop! Thanks, Michelle.


  1. Thanks for letting me post 'Cult of the Eye', Carrie.

  2. You might be right on that, Carrie. I do blog and, at the moment, am doing a blog book tour. How successful it will be is unclear. The whole area is an experiment at the moment.

    The idea is to reach audiences which otherwise would never hear of my book. That includes most people in the world, but a blog tour might reach a few thousand people. Of those, how many people would buy the book? Hard to know and even harder to measure. I suspect not all that many. On the other hand, it's not just a numbers game. If a few people find the book that way and enjoy it, that's all to the good.