Wednesday 1 April 2009

The roll begins...

...for those trying a poem a day for National Poetry Month--come one, come all!

1. me
2. Simon Reynolds, Bath Spa University
3. Jenny Martin, Bath Spa University
4. Alia Brinkman, Bath Spa University
5. James Evans, Bath Spa University
6. Cat Conway, London
7. Nik Jones
8. Don Kingfisher Campbell, California
9. Anonymous (who are you?)
10. Zoe Deleuil, London
11. Alan Summers, Bradford on Avon
12. GB (?)
13. Barbara, Victoria, Canada
14. Barbara Marsh, London
15. Karen Hoy, Bradford on Avon

That's the start--I'm sure there'll be more to come. I better go write my poem for today!

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