Monday 9 March 2009

Compassion in World Farming's Supermarket Survey

Every two years Compassion in World Farming studies the practices of UK supermarkets for their treatment of animals. Clicking on this entry's title will take you to the details, but here's the basic ranking:

1. Marks & Spencer, winner of the Compassionate Supermarket Awards 2007
2. Waitrose
3. The Co-operative
4. Sainsbury's, winner of Most Improved Supermarket and Best Volume Retailer 2007
5. Tesco
6. Morrison's
7. Somerfield

I'm concerned, though, that in this recession a supermarket's prices will be the major (and perhaps only) influence on people's choice of supermarket.

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  1. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Supermarkets are wicked necessities. If you dont support your local shops you will lose them.