Monday 23 February 2009

Reviews of debut poetry collections

At the AWP I learned about Boxcar Poetry Review, an online, bimonthly magazine which reviews only debut collections. I asked whether they'd consider reviewing collections published in the UK, and they said yes, so this may also provide an avenue for emerging UK poets to obtain some recognition in the States.


  1. Carrie-san: I made a haiga (haiku painting) for your haiku some years ago.
    On my blog, I am showing my haiga, and today, I picked the one I made for you.
    You prabably forget about it, it was long ago...

  2. Kuni-san, I'm so far from having forgotten it that Alan Summers and I were just talking about your wonderful haiga last week! Your painting's a delight--I'm so pleased you chose my poem thus. Thank you.