Monday 12 January 2009

Poet and TLS Poetry Editor Mick Imlah Dies at 52

I can't tell you how saddened I am by this and by the fact that I never met him, after all he's done for my poetry. When I wrote to him in early October 2007 to tell him my book had been accepted for publication, and thanked him for all his support, he generously replied, "As for support, I think it's been you helping me/us. Keep them coming!"


  1. It's terrible news, Carrie. I will always be grateful to Mick for publishing my poems and criticism in recent years - encouragement that has helped immeasurably. This is a huge loss for the world of poetry, lit crit and journalism.

  2. I second that.

    What a wonderful man, and poet. I'm so glad I got his book when it came out, and I will definitely sit down with his book this evening, and read it again.

    all my best,