Sunday 5 October 2008

Issue 1, The Fake Poetry Anthology

To read about this phenomenon, take a look at The Poetry Foundation's announcement. I, along with over 3,100 over poets, am included, but as I've heard of most of the others, it's not my poem with my name--I don't even think I've used the word balsam in a poem.

Personally, I think it's hilarious. Others?


  1. Carrie,

    I'm with you on the hilarious here - and also glad it's crossing national borders, too! It got me to an Icelandic poet, even! Though there is something problematic in that what I've read is all English-language, even where the name is associated with an author who isn't necessarily writing in the English-language.

    And it's led me to find that there are at least two other Lytton Smith's...

  2. I heard about this and only now went to look at the names, and the first thinkg to strike me was the dedication the outraged poets (for it is so in blogosphere this week Carrie, a lorra appalled bores) must have shown trwaling through these 100's of names looking for their own to be upset about.

    i mean, who really gives a toss? the joke surely is in the fact that there are so many names, for the squares to be getting twisted nickers about it, the joke's on them, noi mon madomeselle carrie, deepest dearest darling Etter?

  3. Well I didn't download the pdf and am glad I didn't bother. I copy/pasted the text into my text editor so I could search to see if I was included without straining my eyes.

    Text was so large it took time to paste but I had all the comments in there so decided in the end after scanning though them that it probably wasn't worth bothering with any further.