Thursday 21 June 2007

(Re)versing the Damage: Artists Respond to Climate Change

This flyer was sent to me, and though I am not connected with it in any way, it certainly looks worthy and interesting, so I thought I'd spread the word.



Artists respond to climate change –

With spoken word artists and songwriters from across the country

June 28th –7.30pm –

at Cirocomedia, Portland Square, St Paul 's, Bristol , BS2 8SJ.

Bill McKnibben (author of The End of Nature) recently claimed that artists were ignoring climate change. Steve Larkin (one of the founders of Hammer and Tongue) guessed this was wrong and invited artists to submit their work. He has since assembled a vast array of songs and poetry, a selection which will be performed during this evening.

In partnership with The Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN). Entry: £3/2

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