Thursday 28 December 2006

Highlights & Good News

In the last days of the year I always find myself reviewing my publishing records to reckon the year's progress and see what work remains under consideration. This has been a good year, with first-time acceptances from respected American journals Aufgabe and Sentence and British journal Stand and a return to the pages of TLS, The Liberal, Shearsman, and other good journals. I'm also pleased to have a prose poem, "Collecting the Ridges," forthcoming in an anthology of London poems, to be published by the University of Virginia Press--they produce beautiful books.

Two recent pieces of news bring the year to a happier close than I'd anticipated. Though I haven't been writing much haiku lately, a senryu of mine that originally appeared in Snapshots (I'm so disappointed this beautiful quality magazine has folded) has been selected for publication in the annual Red Moon anthology of the best English-language haiku and senryu in a given year, here 2006. I've appeared in the anthology once before, in 1997, and am delighted to be included again.

When I think about the writing I've done this year, I realise 2006 is notable for its great focus on a single project, Imagined Sons. That's why I'm particularly happy to report that PN Review will publish a sequence of twelve Imagined Sons in a forthcoming issue, I expect March/April. Hurrah!

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