Thursday 15 June 2006

New Writing 14

New Writing 14 is out, and I'm in good company--Carola Luther, Paul Muldoon, Don Paterson, Jamie McKendrick, and Greta Stoddart, among other poets. The London launch was a week ago. After I confirmed I'd attend, I received a letter asking me to read my poems at the launch, and I thought from the reference to a poetry reading that all the poets were going to read. To my great surprise, that was not the case. As the event was mostly a mixer, the British Council Literature people had decided to have just an informal introduction to the anthology by the British Council and the editors, Lavinia Greenlaw and Hebon Hebila, and a reading of the works therein by--me. I was startled and honoured.

There's also a large review of the anthology in tomorrow's TLS. About yours truly, Hal Jensen remarks, "Carrie Etter, with no collection as yet, has two poems in NW14. 'Divorce' is a nice spurt of sourness, beautifully contrived to make the reader flinch, and short enough to quote in full...." There's a new way to get a poem in TLS!

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  1. Congratulations on every count. And most especially on finding an innovative way to sneak a poem into the TLS.