Tuesday 1 April 2008

NaPoWriMo, Day 1

Over the course of the day I've been heartened by how many people have joined the challenge. The mutual encouragement will certainly help.

I have written my poem for the day, 14 lines in couplets, and I would post it, but it's about a friend and it would be inappropriately revealing. As I've received a few poems and want to reply in kind when I can, I'm hoping to write another poem before the night's out--I'm on my third week of spring break and my workload has finally diminished a little, so this is the ideal time for me to start. How I'm going to write a poem on Friday the 11th, after teaching two long days in a row (especially exhausting with my jaw injury), with the MA workshop then a talk for the MAs on publishing that afternoon into evening, I can't yet imagine. I'm also going to Istanbul 21-28 April, so I'll only be able to check in occasionally, I expect--but I will write my poem a day, somehow.

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