Monday 31 March 2008


In the U.S., National Poetry Month is in April, and for some years now a number of poets have been writing a poem a day during the month to celebrate, hence the title of this post, National Poetry Writing Month or NaPoWriMo. Such sprees of writing have been very good for me in the past, so I've written to a number of poets I know, colleagues, former students, current students, etc., to ask who'd like to join me. The following have committed thus far, and I hope will drop in here from time to time to talk about the experience.

1. Cat Conway, London
2. Anna Robinson, London
3. Simon Reynolds, Bath
4. Catherine Hales, Berlin
5. Jenny Martin, Bath
6. Lynette Rees, Bradford on Avon
7. Barbara Marsh, London
8. Jude Rosen, London
9. Mo Gallacio, London
10. Annie McGann, Bristol
11. Lotte North, Bath
12. John Muckle, London
13. Rachel Lehrman, London
14. Matt Bryden, Bradford on Avon
15. Liz Skrbkova, Ireland
16. Jane Holland, Warwickshire
17. John Wheway, Bath
18. Rhona McAdam, Victoria, Canada
19. Julie-Ann Rowell, Totnes
20. Helen Pizzey, Freshford
21. Arleen Pare, Victoria, Canada
22. Abraham Anthony
23. Steve Smart, Melbourne
24. Ellie Evans, Llangatock, Wales
25. Barbara Pelman, Victoria, Canada
26. David Bryant, Bath
27. Kristina Close, Woking
28. Yvonne Blomer, Victoria, Canada
29. Claire Crowther, Kingston
30. Andrew Bailey, Chichester
31. Leslie Smith, Bath
32. Rebecca Preston, Devizes
33. Dikra Ridha, Bath
34. Rob A. Mackenzie, Edinburgh
35. Valeria Melchioretto, London
36. Paul Feldwick, Bath
37. Alex JasiƄski, Prague
38. Harry Man, London
39. Ben Wilkinson, Sheffield
40. Cynthia Kerkham, Victoria, Canada


  1. It appears I escaped your list...

  2. Sorry, Ben, I didn't put your name on this list as you told me you were on another one. I'm happy to have you here, too, if you like.

  3. Carrie, I can't find the Facebook message you mentioned this on, but I'm doing it too. Good luck!

  4. That's great, Rob--I've added you to the list.

  5. This was my day one poem, just a quick one to get started. Thanks for the invite Carrie.

    The first day rushes by
    leaves me a little out of breath
    worrying that I've forgotten something
    check for my keys, my wallet
    find all accounted for and yet
    still something scratches

    I wash behind my ears again
    check for bits of food
    that may be lodged between my teeth
    pace around my house
    looking abstracted
    or is it distracted
    I can't be certain of anything

    Finally the penny drops
    I pick it up wondering
    why I was carrying a penny
    and finally realise
    today I'm suposed to be a poet
    and the page is still blank

  6. Aye, if you don't mind :)

  7. It's done! Welcome, Ben!