Saturday 5 April 2008

NaPoWriMo, Day Five

How are others doing? I received quite a few emails the first three days, then little the last two. Is it getting to be more of a struggle?

I wrote a good deal the first three days, yesterday I wrote something rather scrappy late, and today I think having to write another poem made me feel like I could play. So I wrote a poem that plays around with large spaces within the lines, between fragments, 2-3 fragments per line, and had fun with it. Nice.


  1. Anonymous2:49 pm

    hi carrie, take heart, others are out here doing it too! I didn't manage friday or saturday, but started a couple of days early, so had a couple in hand so to speak; and woke up this morning with this thing reverberating in my head so had to get up and write it down. fairly pleased with results so far. here are a couple:


    scored for noises off
    the orchestra fidgety the
    conductor has downed
    baton redundant
    spill to the stage go
    twirling round the
    auditorium helter
    clockwise down the bass
    tuba more solemn
    minims discuss
    the political situation

    previous experience

    rain glazing rooftops
    all afternoon the warm air
    & your letter here

    catherine hales

  2. Thanks for sharing these, Catherine, and for reminding me you're out there. When I looked around the web, I could see many people were "at it," just not people I know myself.

    Six days successful--but I start teaching again Thursday....

  3. Hi Carrie. I've managed to write every day, or on days when I don't write, jot down two things the next day. I'm quite proud of myself! Of course most of it is probably crap, but there might be something in there worth salvaging, and that thought keeps me going. Also sent off a few poems for competition today, as well.
    Writing to the prompts has been the biggest challenge, but I'm going to keep at it because it's pushing me to write differently.